About Us

Welcome to Boardwalk Baked Goods! This fun home bakery started with our very favorite family tradition- BAKING!! My girls and I LOVE to bake together.  Even when they were very young, they were always helping me mix and add ingredients (pictured here in 2008).

We really love baking for others, and started talking about selling our goodies at the beach one summer. The more we talked, the more fun it sounded- so we started our business together in 2012-  Boardwalk Baked Goods! There is just something about being at the beach and enjoying baked goods that go hand in hand (for our family anyway!)

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Reese and Regan, opening day 2012

Our Summer Bake Sale is now closed, but we are looking forward to 2018 already! We specialize in homemade goodies- like the ones mom and grandma made, but with our own special touches. Let us share our family tradition with you!

Our baked goods are crafted from scratch, using only fresh ingredients.  We are a registered Michigan business operating as a DBA. We follow guidelines from the Michigan Cottage Food Law, which allows us to sell our packaged goodies to our old friends and new fans. 

Boardwalk Baked Goods is proudly managed by Kim Steenwyk and her daughters, Regan and Reese.  Kim has a BA in Business/Communications from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Regan and Reese, now 13 and 11 years old, provide the creativity, energy and hard work needed to manage our summer bake stand. Of course we are all official taste testers as well. 

Bake Sale 2017

The girls with local celebrities at a Cookie Bake-Off this winter.

The girls with local radio celebrities at a Cookie Bake-Off.

Cookie Bake-Off 2015

Cookie Bake-Off 2015

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When sales are slow, they go mobile.


The girls are in charge of product display.

Regan and Reese at the bake stand with help from their cousins.

Regan and Reese at the bake stand with help from their cousins.